Gearos LLC – General equipment and accessories

Company introduction

Our company has been engaged in supplying small and medium-sized enterprises with equipment and accessories needed for production since 2009.

Among our business partners there are companies involved in machine-building industry, companies manufacturing woodworking, packaging, heating, technological, building equipment etc.

Taking into consideration our country’s new economic environment as well as aiming at sustainable growth of agricultural industry, we are introducing various agricultural equipment solutions of domestic production for farming enterprises. Specifically, feed cutter in 8 modifications, mechanized milking device, oil press for producing extra virgin seed oil from sunflower/pumpkin/flax/mustard/ seeds, cedar nuts and others.

Due to demand for reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-operate equipment for small manufacturing enterprises and warehousing facilities, Gearos LLC developed and put into operation a controlling device for industrial roller gates. This device helps to facilitate operating personnel work and furthermore, we’re offering a competitive price in comparison with foreign alternatives.

We’re proposing our customers the wide range of services: logistics, warranty assistance, technical support both while placing an order with us, and after putting equipment into operation. Our customers’ support is motivated by a strong will for long-term relationships with any kind of manufacturing enterprise.